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Eurus embodies Belmont’s passion of brining state-of-the-art products to dentists around the world. Innovative design features include a powerful, intuitive touch-screen, integrated chair foot controls and flexible lighting, all designed to maximise control, convenience and hygiene.

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  • Over-the-patient delivery system has been designed with hygiene as a priority.
  • Everything has been designed for quick and easy movement across multiple axes.
  • New features include a powerful touch-screen, integrated foot controls and advanced lighting.
  • Increased maximum weight capacity of 200kg.
  • Twin-articulating headrest with more precise positioning and lighter adjustment for the operator.
  • Two pre-set positions, Last Position Memory (LP) & Auto-Return plus an increased six operator configurations.
  • Integrated foot storks for chair control – much tidier and more hygienic than a separate controller.

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