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Eurus embodies Belmont’s passion of bringing state-of-the-art products to dentists around the world. The overall length of the folding leg-rest chair and base mounted table are significantly shorter than comparable units, making the Eurus perfectly suited to clinics with limited room, or simply to optimise space in every clinical setting.

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  • The positioning also allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit.
  • The rotating function of the spittoon bowl ensures convenient access for every patient
  • The cuspidor rotates 90° outwards, making it possible for assistants to stand at the 3 or 4 o'clock position. This allows for convenient access to support the dentist during a wide range of treatments.
  • With an air braking system, the balance arm enhances mobility and flexibility during dental procedures
  • The advanced hydraulic chair mechanism ensures the smooth, quiet and efficient movement of every chair function.
  • The chair is easily controlled with the dentist's or dental assistant's foot for hands-free, hygienic operation.
  • The table is held by a flexible arm which delivers a vertical range motion of 770mm to 900mm.
  • Designed to be independent of the table, the instrument holder can be freely adjusted via a three-axis adjustment mechanism to achieve the best working position for the dentist.
  • The smooth, frictionless motion of the roller frees the dentist and dental assistant from the weight of the hose when drawing out dental instruments.
  • Designed to improve efficiency and reduce stress during treatments, the screen only displays necessary information when a handpiece is selected and picked up.
  • A new slide foot controller allows for precision adjustment via sideways position motions and step-on activation. Maximum RPM can be set for the handpiece quickly and intuitively.

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