Dental Air Compressors

Compressors are vital to the working of your dental surgery so you want to make sure you have the right one! Our expert team can guide you through which is the best dental air compressor for your practice, and help you through the whole process of buying through to installation and maintenance.

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The special features of dental air compressors

Compressed Air Dryers

The mechanical compression of air causes moisture release into the air stream. These droplets and condensation can damage the compressor itself and also the air-driven dental equipment. In addition, moist air adversely affects hygiene. Our dental compressors either come with an air dryer as standard, or can be fitted with auxiliary dryers to supplement the moisture traps.

Surgery noise

Standard compressors create a lot of noise, enough to damage hearing from repeated exposure. Air compressors for dentists need to be exceptionally quiet, to provide a restful atmosphere where verbal communications are not impeded.

Clean air

As air from compressors frequently discharges around and in the patient's mouth, it is essential that dental compressors are oil-free and that the air is purified. This is accomplished in dental compressors by special self-lubricating bearings, seals and filters precisely made from non-wearing component materials.

Buy your dental compressor with confidence

If you're looking for a dental air compressor for sale, our following compressors are engineered for dental air – quiet, clean, dry and oil-free air plus duty-cycles to suit your needs; from single dentist studios to the busiest of multi-chair practices. Remember, our compressor service engineers are happy to share their experience to help you choose the best outfit for your budget.