The Bambi VT range has one the lowest noise levels of oil-free compressors available in the market. This makes it an ideal compressor choice for applications such as dentistry.

They require little maintenance, with the dryer made from high quality ‘Inox’ stainless steel, regenerating itself every time the compressor cycles. It also has an integral downstream HE dust filter that removes lingering dust.

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All VT compressor models, with or without dryers, have a “soft start” solenoid valve, which releases the air pressure in the pump when not in use. This feature protects the compressor from overload and extends its service. They are also fitted with anti-corrosion internally coated air receivers to keep the air free from contamination.

The Bambi air compressor VT200D comes with an Air Dryer designed to guarantee “desert-dry” air. The multi-row, fan-assisted after-cooler lowers the air temperature before it enters the dryer. This significantly reduces the air temperature and allows the filter to gather and eliminate water droplets as tiny as 0.01 microns. Therefore removing 99% of moisture before the absorption system further dries the air to ensure it meets the most stringent dental air compressor standards.

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