Air compressors are the heart of dental surgery which is why buying the right compressor and maintaining it well are so important.

At Anglian Dental we pride ourselves on offering you the best possible service and advice when it comes to looking after your equipment and keeping your surgery working.


What are the differences between dental compressors v regular compressors?

Most DENTAL compressors are oil-free and have dryers to dry the air before it goes into the receiver. The receiver has a coating to stop bacteria from growing, giving good quality, dry air. This is not only better for the patient but also much better for the longevity of the dental equipment and therefore minimises breakdowns.


What are the mandatory servicing requirements for dental compressors?

Pressure vessel inspections (PVI’s) have to be carried out in accordance with your Written Scheme of Examination, which is a legal requirement.  Further information on which can be found here.

For all of the dental compressors we supply, the manufacturer recommended service intervals are annual, with bigger services after approximately 8000 hours of use or 3-4 years.  More detailed guidance can be found in section 3 of the latest HTM-2022 guidelines for Dental compressed air and vacuum systems here.


How can Anglian Dental help with this?

All of the dental compressors we supply, including quality brands such as Durr, Cattani and Bambi, are oil-free and offer a 5-year warranty (subject to manufacturers’ terms and conditions). Please see further information on our range of compressors.  Our expert team can guide you through which is best and help you through the whole process of buying through to installation.

When selecting a new dental compressor it is important to consider the size of the compressor that is needed, the noise level, what equipment it is being used with, servicing requirements, where it is going to be located, and value for money.

When it comes to your written scheme of examination, please get in touch and we can offer advice on where to get one.

With a team of qualified engineers available to service your compressor.  Simply give us a call on 01763 849990 and we’ll organise a convenient time to visit.