The Belmont Touch DC X-ray unit is the world’s first with touchscreen operation.

The simple, responsive and intuitive design makes the unit very user-friendly and simple to operate safely. The flexible range of mounting options ensures your preferred set up can be achieved.

  • The touchscreen has a wide VGA interface, comprising 384,000 pixels and 65,536 colours for clear communication.
  • Excellent stability and reach with zero drift and flexible mounting options.
  • Instant Error Code reporting allows you to rectify faults where possible with easy instruction, keeping your surgery working.

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Technical features:

Touchscreen control key features

    • Easy-clean glass screen
    • Handheld exposure switch
    • USB port
    • Wall-mounted
    • Sleep Mode
    • Instant Error Code reports
    • Multilingual operation system

Phot-X IIS key features

    • DC X-Ray
    • Safety-conscious technologies
    • Zero-drift balance-arm
    • Simple operation
    • Digital and film compatible
    • Adult/adolescent/child presets
    • Cone length options
    • Handheld exposure switch
    • Easy-clean, smooth surfaces
    • Rectangular Collimator
    • Lockable keypad
    • Manual override
    • Mounting options
    • Retrospective-fitting option

Phot-X IIS key technical features

    • Tube voltage 60kV or 70kV
    • Tube current 3mA or 6mA
    • Focal spot 0.4mm
    • Exposure time 0.01 to 3.2 seconds

Cone length options

  • SSD (Source to Skin Distance):
  • Regular Cone: 203mm
  • Long Cone: 305mm
  • Rectangular Cone: 203mm

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