Ajax SP1000 Extra-Oral Aerosol Suction Machine

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This aerosol suction machine is an effective solution to mitigate the risk posed by aerosols suction away aerosol mist generated by dental procedures using this specifically designed unit.

Protect yourself and patients from bacteria and viruses. 3000 litres per minute suction to create negative pressure around the patients head.

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We hope that our large range of dental suction units will fulfill all of your dental needs.  However, if you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch today - our team are ready to help!

The Ajax SP1000 extra-oral aerosol suction machine system provides a handy solution to the risks posed by aerosols, quickly removing and filtering them. The high volume suction is typically around 250 litres per minute with a UV lamp to kill viruses, a 3 stage HEPA 14 air filtration to remove particles down to 0.3uM; which includes most viruses.

Arm allows positioning of the suction head over the patient's mouth while keeping the mobile trolley out of the immediate area. The system is a quiet operation at only 58dBa (similar noise level to a dental suction pump). A simple-to-install unit, it is a plug and play system with no plumbing needed, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

HEPA Filter to be replaced on average every 12 months depending upon use. Fine filter every 6 months; all spare parts and after-sales support are provided from our UK office and warehouse.

Aerosol mists can become attached to the dentist’s body and clothing during treatment. The safety and health of your dentists and staff is vital to patient care and practice success.

A dental aerosol filtering system reduces droplet spray and blood splashing; please see a demonstration step-by-step video guide below:


UV Light
UVIG light disinfectant system for additional disinfection.

Hepa Filter
99.97% effective at removing particulate matter 0.3 microns and larger.

Ultrasonic Suction Power
High suction, high volume, minimal noise, long life. The Terminator is durable and long-lasting.

Medical Grade Filtration System
HEPA filtration system, precise water vapour filtration, UV light disinfectant system.

Intelligent Design
Filter life reminder, precise controls, aerodynamic design features.