Do You Have HVE Suction Of At Least 250 Litres/Min?

It’s become very important in recent months to know the Vacuum Flow Rate in your surgeries and to test it regularly. High Volume Ejector (HVE) suction is defined by ISO 10637 and needs to be a minimum of 250 litres per minute when measured at the 16mm suction aperture (end of the large bore suction tip valve).

Why Is The Testing Important?

Removing aerosols at the source minimises the risk to staff and patients. Since we’ve been testing many suction systems, we’ve seen that a surprising number fall below the required flow rates therefore increasing the risk of aerosols.

How Do We Test Your HVE?

We visit your practice and test the suction flow rate in each surgery at the end of the large bore suction hose using a specialist gauge. We then provide a detailed report on the flow readings in each surgery, complete with recommendations for corrective action if they do not meet the required standard of 250 l/min flow rate.

What Are We Looking For By Doing These Tests?

It is advised under Under ISO 10637 (2018 version) for Dental surgeries – that the large bore/ HVE/ 16mm (+/-1mm) outlet should produce a minimum flow of 250 litres per minute, and 140-250 millibar of negative pressure.

What If My Suction Performance Is Poor?

There are many ways to improve suction performance. In the majority of situations, under-performing suction is due to blockages or restrictions in the chair pipework or filters. These can usually be remedied with a relatively low cost. It is the responsibility of our team to make recommendations for any improvements needed to ensure you meet the ISO 10637 standard.
Occasionally there are issues with the suction pumps or pipework but these are rare.

Can You Do The Testing Yourself?

Yes, the meters are available for purchase on our online store.
However, if there are any issues with the results, or you need a 3rd party report as evidence, then this is where one of our engineers will provide further assistance.

Buy your meter online

How Do I Organise Testing In My Practice?

Give us a call on 01763 849990 and we’ll organise a convenient time to visit and carry out the tests. We can also schedule future suction tests to ensure you remain compliant with the regulations.
Site attendance – £140.00 + vat*
Test per surgery – £25.00 + vat**
The written report included within costs.

*Costs will vary depending on if the practice is covered by a Rapport™ Service Plan.
**Based on 15 mins per surgery. Costs may vary depending on the time on site.

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