The lead time on a dental chair unit can be very lengthy and we understand that some of our customers need a Belmont dental chair in a hurry but don’t want to wait for a long delivery time.

Take advantage of our guaranteed stock of Belmont chair packages ready to be delivered to your practice!

With demand for Belmont equipment having grown considerably, longer lead times mean an order made today may not be delivered until April 2022 unless you take advantage of our guaranteed stock.

We are delighted to let you know that we have invested in stock to ensure we can get you a Belmont chair very quickly should you require it.

This includes stock of the following models:

  • Belmont Voyager III Dental Chair
  • Belmont Compass Dental Chairs UK

Interested in Belmont dental chair prices?  Contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs.

Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements, reserve your chair and ensure you don’t miss out on our brand new supply of stock. If you’re keen to avoid long lead times and are ready to place your order, speak to us now. All orders will be on first come, first served basis.

View the full range of Belmont, Kavo and Heka dental chairs for sale.

This handy video below is put together by our technicians and gives you a step-by-step guide our how to reset the leg rest on a Belmont Cleo II dental examination chair: