“I was impressed with how attentive Anglian were. We had a number of meetings online and in person and with each revision I could gradually see the surgery coming to life. They communicate heavily and that’s the secret of getting a fantastic outcome. Anglian are always going to be part of us, we’re always going to be indebted for what they’ve done for us because they’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes that some patients may not appreciate, but we do.”


Dr Sunil Hirani is renowned for his exceptional orthodontic work.

His approach to installing a second surgery at his practice and modernising other rooms, was approached with the same meticulous methodology, where quality, precision and thoroughness were paramount in every decision.

The design of the new surgery and the cabinetry was the result of several site and online meetings.

We listened to the vision Dr Sunil Hirani had for the surgery and worked with him to document and design solutions to enable this to become a reality.

Every socket, cabinet and wall cupboard was carefully considered and discussed in painstaking detail to ensure everything was optimised and no stone left unturned.


The Anglian Dental Klasse cabinetry installed was of a premium construction. Only the best materials were used. All the carcasses are solid Sealwise, which is a PVC based product, with a 25-year warranty. This unique product is 100% waterproof, chemical proof, anti-bacterial and delivers unrivalled durability. All the cabinetry frontals are made of solid acrylic meaning they are extremely durable and won’t discolour, warp, bend or be subject to water ingress damage.
Solid surface Hanex worktops were combined with stainless steel sinks to provide a seamless, practical, aesthetic and easy to clean work surface. Inset LED lighting was carefully designed. A routed channel in the underside of the worktop and carcasses allowed for a flush hidden LED track to provide an exceptional quality look.
Anglian Dental worked alongside Dr Hirani’s subcontractors to complete the project. This required excellent communication and co-ordination. The overall appearance is stunning, and the surgery created is truly leading, and one of a kind!