Squat Practice in NW London!

Starting a squat practice is a dream of many associates in recent times and helping turn these into reality is a privilege and an excitement!
We were approached to assist our client with setting up a compact, efficient but beautiful squat practice in the heart of Pinner, North West London.

The unit was just a shell of 65 m2 so several design options were considered and several meetings held to discuss the optimum layouts. Detail was given to every last aspect, even down to adjusting door positions slightly and changing the angles of the chairs to facilitate the best possible nurse, patient and clinical flows.

The practice includes 2 surgeries, compliant WC, CBCT room, staff room, plant room, decon, waiting room and reception. The project took approximately 12 weeks from when works started on site through to completion.


We worked alongside a team that the client had brought together for the project. We had worked with the same designer and builder on numerous projects previously.

Several integration and project planning meetings were held to set up schedules and confirm service requirements. We worked seamlessly with the team to provide technical details on the services, project manage the dental fit-out and assist the client with key decisions.

Care was taken to select the best equipment for their needs. This included a Belmont tbCompass, Belmont Voyager III and both Cattani and Durr plant equipment, plus a W&H vacuum autoclave.


Following the installation, a handover and training session was held with the clinical staff to demonstrate the equipment, go through cleaning regimes and troubleshoot common issues.

After-sales support doesn’t stop once its installed! Should the client have any future questions, then a phone or video call is all it will take to ensure the equipment is kept in top working order.

Maintenance plans have already been made for when the equipment turns 12 months old.



“I would recommend Anglian unreservedly because of their expertise and because of the time they gave me. I cannot overestimate how important they were in my build.”

Dr Rosh Patel