“The main reason we chose Anglian is that they were used to working in live environments. Anglian were very efficient, they were on time and the team were really friendly.”


Dr Goolnik had already identified additional space adjacent to his existing practice and had some design work completed by another company. We were contracted to double check work that had been completed thus far and ensure the two premises could merge into one new larger practice.

While this sounds easy on paper, it was a significant challenge removing a substantial party wall between the units with many interested stakeholders in conjunction with the expansion. Dr Goolnik wanted to significantly increase the size of the reception and waiting area. It was challenging to do this to improve an already impressive environment and create something that looked like it had been designed from the beginning.


Our feasibility checks on the existing designs proved very necessary as we found a stairway from another unit projected into the space. This meant a revisit to the drawing board and an alternative plan was quickly created. The other unique point in this practice is medical gases which we worked closely with a specialist to ensure everything was provided for and installed in a timely manner.

Prior to expansion works starting, we were also contracted to complete a variety of renovations in all the existing surgeries from new floors, lighting, worktops, cabinetry to equipment. The highlight of the refurbishment was some bespoke bathroom designs with many luxurious components.


Belmont tbCompass and Voyager III chairs, Belmont Phot-X II S x-ray, Durr Dental VSA 300S suction unit and Trio compressor were all installed.

Good quality, reliable and modern equipment ensures the practice can deliver high-quality dentistry and will last for many years to come.

The practice is backed up by a team of engineers at Anglian Dental, who are only a call away for any questions or support.