It was a pleasure with work with Dr Faridrad and the team at Angel Dental Implant Centre. We were involved in the project from a very early stage, first visiting the property when it was completely empty and advising our client along the way. We settled on a high-end design for a specialist 2-surgery practice, with a decon, a disabled WC, a CBCT room and a plant room. All within only 69 sq/m!

We installed:

✅KaVo E50 Chair
✅Belmont 097 X-ray
✅KaVo Maia Operating Light
✅Cattani TurboSmart ‘A’ Suction Pump
✅Bambi VTS150D Oil Free Air Compressor
✅KaVo Scan Exam One X-ray developer

All reliable and proven equipment.

Watch the video here to find out exactly what it’s like to work with us and see the initial drawings as well as pictures of the finished practice.