The brief was to create a three-surgery private practice for specializing in perio treatment and that would encourage other local practionners to refer their patients knowing that they would be cared for in the best environment possible. Dr Bose was acutely aware that the quality and appearance of the practice décor and furnishings represents in patient’s minds’ the level of quality in treatment and clinical expertise. Without a doubt, having a modern practice interior, reassures patients and makes them more likely to proceed with treatment plans. With this in mind, we worked with an interior designer to create an atmosphere of calming professionalism throughout the practice. From the plush sofas in waiting area, to the exquisite wallpaper in the surgeries, every detail was given attention to ensure it enhanced the patient experience.


The building was an old, tired dental practice in a large Victorian house, greatly in need of modernisation. There were significant challenges raised from other tenants in the building throughout the process, but we worked with them to ensure there was no delay to the schedule and so it didn’t affect the works. The practice is on the first floor with a large admin and training area in the loft space, the refurbishment works where staged to ensure that practice could still run at 50% capacity throughout the project and any works affecting all the surgeries were completed out of hours to ensure maximum uptime. Whilst our team carried out the reception refurbishment we set up a temporary desk and waiting area in the room next door to ensure a safe and pleasant patient experience still. Within the reception area there was a large amount of bespoke joinery encompassing the reception desk, reception storage and display cabinets in the waiting area. The design for each item was carefully considered to maximise space and to help create the calm ambience which sets the Ikon practice apart.


A lot of time went into the equipment selection process. The ‘top-of-the-range’ Belmont Cleo II packages were selected because of their kneebreak chairs and efficient use of space. We integrated a LED operating light with a built in HD video camera for Dr Bose to record and share his clinical work. New Durr Dental suction pumps and a compressor were selected because of their reliability. An in-depth training session with the nurses was completed. This is an essential element to having reliable dental equipment. Equipment that’s well cleaned and maintained is much less likely to cause issues. The cabinetry was all designed bespoke and was the subject of multiple meetings. Every drawer and compartment was discussed to ensure it meet the teams needs exactly. The units were fabricated using acrylic laminated fronts and a solid surface ‘Hanex’ worktop and sinks.